Astro Medical 2000 its a brand present into the national reality since 1981.

The center of the company is in Vimercate in Quartiere Torri Bianche, office and commercial center which lies in a strategic position in relation to major arteries of communication about 20 km from the capital and approx. 6.5 km from Monza.

Astro Medical 2000 is connected directly to Milan with the East ring road (exit " Quartiere Torri Bianche" - Vimercate Sud) and in the future, by the light rail and by simple road system with the Strada Provinciale 2 Monza - Trezzo;
with the A4 Milan - Venice (exit Agrate Brianza).

The deposits are fully equipped and with the most modern tools of logistics to ensure order, efficiency and speed in delivery.

This is Astro Medical 2000: a brand that provides excellent service.